AFC Championship game spreads, Bengals now favored to beat Chiefs

AFC Championship game spreads, Bengals now favored to beat Chiefs

All of these bets on the Cincinnati Bengals caused sports betting to make a significant change in the points distribution of the AFC Championship game.

The Kansas City Chiefs are now the home underdogs for the AFC title game. The Bengals, who were 1.5 point underdogs on Monday morning, moved to a 1.5 point favorite at BetMGM Monday afternoon.

It’s rare to see a game with this much anticipated betting handful see the favorite change. But the there are plenty of reasons bettors are high on the Bengals entering the game, and the biggest is Patrick Mahomes‘ ankle injury.

Mahomes suffered a sprained ankle in the first quarter on Saturday against the Jacksonville Jaguars and was affected the rest of the match. He will undoubtedly play on Sunday, but it is unclear how badly he will be injured.

There is also respect for the Bengals, who looked very good beat the Buffalo Tickets on Sunday. The Bengals were receiving more than 80% of the money bet on the spread for the AFC Championship game at BetMGM on Monday morning.

He is very rare for the Chiefs to be an underdog in the Mahomes era, and even weirder to see them as an underdog at home. The Chiefs have done well as an underdog with Mahomes at quarterback. Maybe the favorite changes again as the week progresses, but as of Monday afternoon, the Bengals were the scoring team.

Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Terrier (9) and his team are currently favored over the Chiefs. (AP Photo/Adrian Kraus)

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