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Texans will interview Mike Kafka a second time

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Giants offensive coordinator Mike Kafka seems to have made a good impression on the Texans during his interview for their head coaching position.

According to multiple reports, Kafka is set to have a second interview with the team. Kafka’s first interview took place remotely and the second meeting will be in person.

Kafka also interviewed the Colts and Panthers after the Giants were knocked out of the playoffs by the Eagles in the Divisional Round of the playoffs. These interviews are his first for a head coaching role and they come after his first season as coordinator.

The Giants’ offense exploded in the 38-7 loss to the Eagles, but the 2022 season was a success overall due to the league’s fourth game rush and quarterback. Daniel Jones‘ best season in the NFL. Houston would enjoy similar offensive growth in 2023 and Kafka will have a chance to introduce the team to the idea that he is the best to bring it to them.

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