Trump's Georgia grand jury reports secrecy at issue in court hearing

Trump’s Georgia grand jury reports secrecy at issue in court hearing

The Georgia Attorney inquiry into former president donald trump and his allies for possible criminal interference in that state’s 2020 presidential election told a judge on Tuesday that decisions on whether and who to charge in the investigation “are imminent.”

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis cited the plan during a hearing in Atlanta, where she urged the judge to keep a final under wraps for now. grand jury special report which was assembled for gather the evidence and hear testimony for this investigation.

A media consortium asked Judge Robert McBurney to make the report public, as the grand jury recommended.

Willis argued to keep it sealed.

“To ensure that future defendants are treated fairly, it is not appropriate at this time to release this report,” she told McBurney. “We must be mindful of protecting the rights of future defendants.”

“Decisions are imminent,” Willis said.

Another prosecutor, Donald Wakeford, told McBurney the report could be made public after any indictments are issued in the case.

Thomas Clyde, a media lawyer, said the report should be made public, in full, immediately.

“We believe that statutory law, case law and constitutional law support the release of the grand jury special report at this time,” Clyde told the judge.

Trump is being watched for his efforts to reverse his loss to President Joe Biden in Georgia, which was a key swing state in the 2020 election. That effort involved pressuring the Georgian secretary of state to find enough voice to Trump to allow him to overcome his margin of loss against Biden.

The grand jury did not have the power to issue indictments in the case. That decision is left to Willis.

Trump’s lawyers told NBC News on Monday that they would not be present or participating in the hearing, and said they assumed the grand jury had not found that Trump broke the law.

“To date, we have never been part of this process,” the lawyers said in a statement.

“The grand jury coerced the testimony of dozens of other, often high-ranking, officials during the investigation, but never found it important to speak with the president,” the statement said.

“He was never subpoenaed or asked to appear voluntarily by this grand jury or anyone from the Fulton County District Attorney’s office. Therefore, we can assume that the grand jury did their job and considered the facts and the law, as we have, and concluded that there was no breach of law by President Trump.”

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