Afternoon Update: Wet Wednesday, with maybe a conversational winter mix to start

Afternoon Update: Wet Wednesday, with maybe a conversational winter mix to start


It was a nice day, as long as you don’t mind above average temperatures. Hot conditions have been the story of the month so far, with the city in contention for the five hottest Januarys on record. But the peaceful weather is about to turn into stormier conditions as much of Wednesday could be soggy.

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Until tonight : Quiet conditions last throughout the evening and into the night. Clouds increase with time, especially after midnight. The lows are mostly in the low and mid 30s.

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Tomorrow (Wednesday): A few light rains pass during the morning. It could be a winter mix, but temperatures are generally too warm to be of concern. If it drops hard enough, there might be a slight grassy overlay, especially to the west and north. Following a potential break, more regular rains spread in the afternoon and evening. Highs are in the mid 40’s or around 50’s. Rain comes out by Wednesday night. We could see half an inch to an inch by then.

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Winter Wednesday? winter weather reviews have been lifted well west and north, mostly at higher elevations west of Blue Ridge or southern Pennsylvania. In these areas, one to three inches of snow can fall, along with about a tenth of an inch of ice.

Places in a line from near Leesburg, through northern Montgomery County, and north to Baltimore and north have the best shot locally for any coating. Temperatures in those locations are above freezing fairly quickly on Wednesday, so minimal issues are expected.

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