Air India changes in-flight alcohol service policy

Air India changes in-flight alcohol service policy

Amid recent incidents of unruly passenger behavior, Air India has changed its in-flight alcohol service policy in which cabin crew have been asked to tactfully serve alcohol if required.

The airline belonging to the Tata group has been sanctioned in recent days by the DGCA for the unruly behavior of passengers on board two international flights for reporting misconduct.

The exact changes in the revised policy could not be immediately determined.

Under the revised policy, passengers must not be permitted to drink alcohol unless they are being served by cabin crew and cabin crew are careful to identify passengers who may be consuming their own alcohol.

“Serving alcoholic beverages must be done in a reasonable and safe manner. This includes tactfully refusing to (further) serve alcohol to a guest,” according to the policy.

In a statement, an Air India spokesperson said the airline had reviewed its current in-flight alcohol service policy, referring to other carriers’ practices and guidelines from the US National Restaurants Association.

“These were largely in line with existing Air India practice, although some adjustments were made for clarity, and the NRA traffic light system included to help the crew recognize and manage possible cases of poisoning.

“The new policy has now been promulgated to crew and included in training programmes. Air India remains committed to the safety and well-being of our passengers and cabin crew, including but not limited to limited to responsible alcohol service,” the spokesperson said.

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