Judge sentences Capitol rioter who shouted Pelosi threats

Judge sentences Capitol rioter who shouted Pelosi threats

A federal judge on Tuesday sentenced a Pennsylvania Restaurant Owner to storm the United States Capitol, where she yelled at the police to get then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi out so the pro-Trump mob could hang her.

U.S. District Judge Trevor McFadden decided the case against Pauline Bauer after hearing evidence without a jury. The judge found her guilty on all five counts of her indictment, including a felony charge of obstructing the January 6, 2021, joint session of Congress for certifying President Joe Biden’s election victory, according to court records.

Bauer’s test bed began last Thursday. McFadden announced the verdict from the bench. The judge must sentence her on May 1. McFadden agreed to release Bauer under certain conditions until his sentencing.

In September 2021, McFadden ordered Bauer jailed for violating the terms of his bail. Bauer remained in custody for several months awaiting trial. The judge can give her credit for the prison sentence she has already served.

During his first court appearances, Bauer expressed an ideology that seemed to align with the extremist “sovereign citizens” movement’s belief that the US government is illegitimate.

Bauer, 55, traveled from her home in Kane, Pennsylvania to hear then-President Donald Trump speak to a crowd of his supporters at the “Stop the Steal” rally on Jan. 6. Bauer was among the mob that forced Capitol Police officers to retreat down the stairs outside the east rotunda doors, prosecutors said.

Bauer entered the Capitol with a friend, William Blauser, and confronted police guarding an entrance to the Rotunda. She yelled at the police to ‘get them out or we’re in’ according to prosecutors.

“They are criminals. They must hang themselves,” Bauer shouted.

Video from a police officer’s body camera captured her profanely yelling at officers to ‘get Nancy Pelosi in here now. We want to hang her.

She and Blauser left the Capitol approximately 38 minutes after entering.

Bauer’s indictment charged her with one count of obstructing an official process. She was also charged with four misdemeanors, including entering or staying in a restricted-access building or grounds and disorderly or disruptive conduct on a Capitol building or grounds.

About 950 people have been charged with federal crimes related to the Capitol riots. Nearly 500 of them have pleaded guilty. Dozens of others were convicted after trials decided by juries or judges.

The only Capitol Riot defendant to be acquitted of all charges after a trial was a man from New Mexico whose case was also decided by McFadden, a Trump candidate.

Bauer was arrested in May 2021 along with Blauser, who pleaded guilty to marching, demonstrating or picketing a Capitol building. In February 2022, McFadden ordered Blauser to pay a $500 fine but gave him no jail time or probation.

During an interview after his arrest, Bauer admitted that his actions had angered some of his neighbors in Kane, a small town on the edge of the 517,000 square inch Allegheny National Forest. acres. But she insisted that her involvement in the January 6 events had not cost her any friendships or hurt her business.

“A lot of people say they’re proud of me for standing up for my rights,” she told an Associated Press reporter during a break in dinner service at her restaurant, Bob’s Trading Post. .

Bauer was combative with McFadden during preliminary hearings and claimed the court had no authority over her. Bauer said she was a “sovereign people”, not a sovereign citizen, and referred to herself as “Pauline of the House of Bauer”. She told the judge she didn’t want a lawyer to represent her “or any other lawyers on the bench.”

“I don’t recognize your bar card, sir,” she told McFadden, who appointed an attorney to act as reserve counsel.

Bauer became a punchline for Stephen Colbert’s late-night talk show on CBS. The host poked fun at Bauer for claiming to be a “divinely empowered entity beyond the law.”

“Divinely empowered?” So she’s going to get away with it, just like Jesus,” Colbert joked. “But it begs the question: if you are chosen by God to be above the laws of government, why do you care who is responsible?”

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