Dutch hacker tried to sell personal data of 'presumably all citizens' in Austria, cops say

Dutch hacker tried to sell personal data of ‘presumably all citizens’ in Austria, cops say

A 25-year-old Dutch hacker has put the personal data of what is believed to be the entire Austrian population up for sale online, Reuters reported on Wednesday, citing Austrian police. The unidentified individual provided the data – including “the full name, gender, full address and date of birth of likely all citizens” of the country – to an online forum in May 2020, the agency said. police in a statement. The hacker was arrested in an Amsterdam apartment last November, but not before unknown actors paid for the data, police said. “Since this data was freely available on the Internet, it must be assumed that this registration data is, in whole or in part, irrevocably in the hands of criminals,” their statement read. Investigators confirmed the authenticity of almost nine million datasets and found that the hacker had also tried to peddle “similar” datasets online from Italy, the Netherlands and Colombia. Austrian authorities said they had no further details on these other sets and it was unclear whether they had been sold.

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