Miranda Devine says Hunter Biden's 'unusual' email may have contained information from classified documents

Miranda Devine says Hunter Biden’s ‘unusual’ email may have contained information from classified documents

With questions still largely unanswered from the White House about President Biden’s possession of classified documents, many lawmakers and reporters are hoping to find out who had access to the documents at the president’s home in Delaware. New York Post columnist Miranda Devine argued on Wednesday about “The Brian Kilmeade Showthat an “unusual” email from Hunter Biden on Ukrainian politics suggests the president’s son may have used classified information while doing business in the country.


MIRANDA DEVINE: There’s an email on his laptop that appears to be from a classified briefing. At least it has the flavor of an official briefing, perhaps classified. I think Ron Johnson said that sounds like the kind of briefing he got, a classified briefing he got as a senator when he went to foreign countries. And it’s very unusual email for Hunter. It’s unlike anything else. Well written, very long. It’s 1,300 words. It’s very detailed. It contains a lot of information, very strategic geopolitical information on Ukraine. He lists 22 points on Ukraine, on its political situation, on the next elections. It was 2014, when his father was vice president, and he also predicted that Russia would step up. He also predicted that the United States would implement the sanctions with great confidence. And so you wonder where Hunter Biden gets this information? Because all the other emails on this laptop with the nine years it covers are very concise and very limited information. And the only time he’s bulky is when he’s talking privately, basically arguing with his girlfriends. So this is an unusual email.

And I think, given that a week after this email was sent, Joe Biden traveled to Ukraine to talk to them about their energy policy. A few weeks later, Hunter Biden became a member of the board of Ukrainian energy company Burisma. So he was obviously lagging behind his trainer. He sent this email to his business partner, Devin Archer, who has also joined Burisma’s board of directors. He wants the $83,000 a month that Burisma is going to pay him, and he demonstrates that he’s worth it, that he has access to crucial information for Burisma.

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