Some of Pence's classified documents were foreign travel briefing notes, CNN reports.

Some of Pence’s classified documents were foreign travel briefing notes, CNN reports.

Among the dozen classified documents found at Mike Pence’s home were documents described to CNN by multiple sources as briefing notes on the former vice president’s overseas travels. An insider told the network that some of the files may have been overlooked during the moving process, as they were hidden in travel briefing binders. Another explained that the classified documents would not have been visible to the movers if they had not leafed through the filing cabinets. These memos can contain everything from basic biographical information about the heads of state of a given country to much more sensitive information. A source briefed on the ongoing multi-agency investigation into the find said the documents were “low level” in nature and there was nothing particularly unusual about their contents. On Tuesday, it was reported that documents at Pence’s Indiana home were found by an attorney asked to conduct a search “out of an abundance of caution” after classified documents were found at Donald Trump’s estate in Florida and at Donald Trump’s home. Joe Biden in Delaware.

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